Orana Rentals – now open in Brisbane!

Now, our friends in Brisbane can access what Sydney businesses and householders have enjoyed for four-plus decades.

New Western Sydney location!

For some time, we’ve wanted to serve our fast-growing Western Sydney customer base in a depot closer to their heartland. Now we can.

Business moves in Artarmon

Ever since Orana Car and Truck Rentals moved to Artarmon in 1975, our Federation-era cottage depot at 7 Whiting Street has been quite the landmark.

New look. Same unbeatable prices and service.

We're still your favorite rental firm. Now we look the part, too.No one wants to pay more...

10 car hacks you need to know

1. In an unfamiliar car and need to fill up? Look closer at that fuel gauge – the little arrow next to the picture of the pump tells you which side of the car the cap is on. You’re welcome. 2. If your car has no cup holder in it – what is this, the...

Road Trip: Queensland

City break: Only 30 minutes’ north of Brisbane you can escape to the Moreton Bay region. Where the countryside meets the bayside, the area offers outstanding views of the bay, beautiful mountain scenery and lush farmland. Beginning at the Redcliffe Aerodrome, this relaxing drive takes you to the Redcliffe Botanic Gardens, City Art Gallery and...

Famous vans and their stories

Ghostbusters Ecto-1 – Perhaps the most iconic van, this...

How to... stay alert on a long drive

The long, dark highway stretching in front of us, the kilometres to get under our belt, the window down and music up to try and stay alert… it’s not just the province of long-haul truck drivers. That said, much can be learnt from those whose lives, and livelihood, are spent on the road. Here are some to...

Road Trip: Northern Territory

City Break: Now’s a great time to start planning your Northern Territory getaway as dry season is April to October. First stop should be Darwin, one of Australia’s great unsung capital cities, closer to Asia than it is to Sydney and a foodie mecca. Check out its fantastic local produce at any one of the markets run throughout ‘The Dry’, as...

We’ve got a new look! And the same amazing value and customer service. But our rebrand goes far deeper than the friendly new wordmark and website you see here.
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